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Watch Online Streaming of England Vs Panama FIFA World Cup

According to the 2018 FIFA World Cup fixture, the England and Panama would be playing against each other on Sunday, June 24 at the Nizhny Novgorod stadium by 1 pm.

FIFA World Ranking

According to the FIFA World ranking released on 17 May 2018, England ranked on 13th position, while Panama ranked on the 55th team in the world.

Prediction and Live Streaming:

Group “G” match which is going to play between England and Panama. England is considering strong squad for this contest. What do you think about the final result of this match? You can enjoy and watch live streaming of England Vs. Panama FIFA World Cup match.

Historical Background of England and Panama

From history, the England national football team remains one of the oldest national teams that have existed since the inception of football as a sport. Another old soccer squad like that is the Scotland national team. The first international football competition that the England team would engage in was against the Scotland. The competition took place at the Hamilton Crescent in Scotland way back in 1872.

Talking about the Panama national football team which is also known as Selección de fútbol de Panamá in the Spanish language, they are the official representative of Panama in international football. They are under the governing body of the Panamanian Football Federation is a member of CONCACAF as well as the regional UNCAF. The Panamanian Football Federation is the body that regulates football activities in Panama.

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England national football team is the representative of England in international soccer competitions. They are under the leadership of The Football Association (FA) which is the body in charge of football in England.

Before football came to be a popular game known throughout the whole world today, England and some other British nations, have been contesting in the British Home Championship. This competition was held every year. As such, for the first time recorded that England would win a tournament was in 1888. This happened after they had been runners-up to Scotland for the first four editions of the tournament.

Appearances of the Teams in FIFA World Cups

Worthy of note is the fact that the first time that the Panamanian national football team would be making their appearance at the FIFA World Cup is the upcoming 2018 edition of the world tournament.

The England football team have been a member of FIFA since 1906. But because of the challenges the team had with FIFA, they had to depart from the international football body in 1928, although they later joined in 1946. As a result of their departure, the national team could not compete in any of the World Cup tournaments until 1950.

And while they competed in the 1950 tournament, in their match against the United States, the England football team was beaten in a 1-0 match. This became one of the most embarrassing defeats that they have so far because they could not get past the first round.


The Panamanian team is known for their much effort to appear at the world notable soccer competition, FIFA World Cup. In fact, it is recorded that the team was almost advancing out of the fourth round but ended up missing out. This happened when they were playing the qualifiers matches for the FIFA World Cup that was going to take place in 2014.
While they could not make it to the World Cup since, however, they were able to make an appearance at the CONCACAF Championship that held in 1963.

Since the periods that the England team have been making appearances at FIFA Mega tournaments, even though they could not qualify in 1974, 1978 and 1994, the embarrassing moments recorded about them include their early exit from the world soccer tournaments. This occurred in 1950, 1958 and then in 2014.

It was recorded that they were eliminated right from the first round after they got defeated in the two opening matches for the first time. Then, the other major defeats they suffered which seemed to resound so well at the World Cup tournament was in 2010 where they played against Germany in a 4-1 loss game.

Despite all odds and many failures, the Panama football team eventually played their way through to the FIFA Mega Event. This happened on 10 October 2017 when they played their memorable match against Costa Rica. And just about 2 minutes to the end of the match, amazingly, a Panamanian soccer player, RománTorres, scored and made the match a 2-1 win.


Major Accomplishments of the Teams

Apart from their first appearance at the mega event held in 1950, it is unarguably recorded that the England national football team have qualified for a total number of 15 Finals so far. This makes them the sixth team regarding appearances to have made such a number at the World tournament. Ever since they have been making appearances at international soccer competitions, Panama has received many honorary titles including CONCACAF Championship / CONCACAF Gold Cup runners-up for two times which are in 2005 and 2013. Then, they have also ended at the third place on two different occasions which were in 2011 and 2015.

The England team is seen as the sixth regarding the number of times they have won. This is together with the France and Spain soccer teams. Among all the national teams who have won a FIFA mega title, at least for once, they are categorized as the eighth. Although, the first and the only World Cup title so far that they have won was in 1966.
Panama won the Copa Centroamericanaonce in 2009. They have as well emerged as the runners-up on two occasions which are in 2007 and 2017. And then, they took the third place in 1993, 2011 and 2014.


Apart from winning the Mega title once and also emerging as the runners-up once, England has won some minor competitions like the FA Summer Tournament, and Tournament of France in 2004 and 1997 respectively. Then, they won the FIFA Fair Play Trophy two times in 1990 and 1998.


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