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Watch Live Streaming of Tunisia VS England FIFA World Cup

Tunisia and England would be meeting at the forthcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament hosted by Russia. The two teams slated for Monday, June 18, 2018, would be playing against each other at the Volgograd stadium by 7 p.m. Watch live streaming of this fantastic match. We also offer HD Live streaming for Android and IOS users.

Early History of Tunisia and England

Tunisia national soccer team with the nickname Les Aigles de Carthage which also means The Eagles of Carthage or The Carthage Eagles made their first appearance at the FIFA World Cup tournament in 1978.Although, they have had their first unofficial team formed before their independence in 1928. Afterward, the team played their first match on 11 March 1928. During that time, they played against the France national football B team where they had an 8-2 loss match.
On the other hand, the England national football team is known to be one of the oldest national teams there is in football. Another old football team like that is the Scotland national football team. England had their first international football match played in 1872. They played against Scotland then at the Hamilton Crescent in Scotland.

Before the whole world would incorporate football, it is said that England and other British nations have been contesting in the British Home Championship which was played on an annual basis. The first time that the England national football team would win a tournament was in 1888 after they had been runners-up to Scotland for the first four editions of the tournament.

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FIFA World Cup

Tunisia national football team is the official football team that represents Tunisia in international men’s football competitions. The football team is under the control of the Tunisian Football Federation. Since their first appearance at the FIFA tournament, the team has made a total of four appearances at the FIFA mega-events, although they have not been able to make it out of the first round in all of their appearances.

England on the other hand, has been a member of FIFA since 1906. However, because of the challenges the national soccer team had with FIFA, they had to depart from the international football body in 1928, although they later joined in 1946. Because of this, they could not compete in any of the FIFA mega tournaments until 1950.


And at that time, in their match against the United States, the England national football team was beaten in a 1-0 match. This became one of the most embarrassing defeats that the team has had so far because they could not get past the first round.

Apart from their first appearance at the FIFA mega event held in 1950, England has qualified for a total number of 15 FIFA World Cup Finals tournaments so far. By their tie, the team has a total number of 16 wins, an achievement which they share together with France and Spain.

Embarrassing Moments

Although they have not been able to make it out of the first round in their appearances at the FIFA mega tournaments, Tunisia has made history in the 1978 tournament in Argentina as a result of becoming the first country from the side of Africa to win a World Cup match. This became possible when they beat Mexico in a 3-1 game. In successions, the team has also qualified for three tournaments which are in 1998, 2002, and 2006.
Some significant times that Tunisia has experienced major defeats include the friendly matches they played against France on 23 March 1930 and 26 March 1933 when they were mercilessly beaten in a 5-0 and 1-6 games respectively. Before then, the first match they played was on 11 March 1928 against France where they lost the game in an 8-2 defeat game.


On the part of England, even though they could not qualify for the World Cup events of 1974, 1978 and 1994, it is recorded that their earliest exit from the world football tournaments occurred in 1950, 1958 and most recently in 2014. They were eliminated right from the first round after they got defeated in the two opening matches for the first time. Another major defeat they suffered which seemed to resound so well at the World Cup tournament was in 2010 where they played against Germany in a 4-1 loss game.

Honorary Titles and Major Accomplishments

England remains one of the eight national teams which has won at least one FIFA World Cup title. The first and the only time that England have won the title was in 1966. At the game that was played on their home soil against West Germany, they won with a 4–2 goals in the final.

Then during the FIFA World Cup held in 1990, England took the fourth position after they lost to the host nation Italy in a 2–1 game. Also in 1954, 1962, 1970,1986,2002 and 2006, they have reached the quarter-final stage.

At the Africa Cup of Nations tournament, Tunisia has emerged as the winners once in 2004 and the runners-up two times in 1965 and 1996. They equally took the third-place once in 1962. Also, apart from finishing at the fourth-place two times in 1978 and 2000, they also emerged as the winners of the African Nations Championship in 2011.


In the fourteen appearances that the team has made since 1950, apart from emerging the winners in 1966, England had also finished in the fourth place once in 1990. And at the UEFA European Championship level, they took the third place once in 1968 and the Semi-final stage once in 1996.

According to the April 13th, 2018 FIFA COCA-COLA world ranking, while England ranks 13th while Tunisia ranks 14th. Both sides are equal so, the prediction about this match will be the drawn.

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