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Watch Live Streaming of Sweden VS South Korea FIFA World Cup Match

At the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament would be meeting in Sweden and South Korea. The two teams belong to group F and would be meeting on Monday, June 18 at the Nizhny Novgorod stadium by 1 p.m.

Recalling their experience with playing at international football competitions, both national teams have a wealth of experience, although Sweden is known to have made their first appearance at the FIFA World Cup as far back as 1934.

Also called svenska fotbollslandslaget in the Swedish language, Sweden is known to be the official football team that represents Sweden in association football. The national football team is under the leadership of the Swedish Football Association which is the body in charge of football in Sweden.
For the South Korea national soccer team, they are known as the Korea Republic national football team. This is the national football team that represents South Korea in all men’s international association football. It is also under the leadership of the Korea Football Association (KFA).

After making their first appearance at the FIFA World Cup tournament in 1934, so far, the Sweden national soccer team have made a total number of eleven appearances at the World Cup. And being a member of Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), at the continental zonal tournaments, they have also made a total of six appearances.

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Sweden and South Korea in History

The South Korean national football team is commonly referred to with the nickname, “The Reds” by both fans and the media. This is because the color of their major kit is red. As a result of this nickname, the official name given to the supporting group of a national football team is the Red Devils.

South Korean are also known to be the significant football power in Asia since the 1960s. Historically, they are the most successful Asian soccer team because of their highest performance at FIFA  tournaments compared to another Asian continental, national football teams. The national football team has participated for nine consecutive times at FIFA World Cup tournaments and a total of ten appearances. This is the highest that any Asian country has gone.

Although they have been participating in the FIFA World Cup tournaments since 1934, the major feats that Sweden has made were during the FIFA Mega Event of 1958 where they finished as the runners-up and 1950 and 1994 where they finished in the third position.


Despite the fact that for five World Cup tournaments, they did not win a single match, South Korean are the first and presently the only Asian soccer team that would get to the semi-final stages. They achieved this feat when they hosted the FIFA Mega Event of 2002 alongside Japan.

But then, during the mega event of 2010, South Korean made a noticeable improvement as they were able to get to the Round of 16. In the first two AFC Asian Cup tournaments to be organized, they won the cup. However, since then, they have finished in the second place and those years are 1972, 1980, 1988, and 2015. They also took the third place in 1964, 2000, 2007, and 2011.

Sweden recorded a milestone in their history of football when the World Cup of 1958 and the EURO 1992 were held on their soil. The Swedish football association is also said to be one of the co-founders of FIFA in the year 1904. After its official voting into FIFA in 1907, on 12th July 1908, the football team played their first international soccer match against Norway soccer team in Göteborg with an 11-3 defeat.


After participating in the first Asian Cup in 1956, South Korea hosted and won the second Asian Cup in 1960. In fact, every game they played then, they won all. However, the reverse became the case in 1964 as they could not repeat the success; every game they played during the Asian Cup in 1964, they lost all.

The national soccer team’s games were inconsistent during that season. While they didn’t qualify in 1968 for the Asian Cup, they recovered in 1972 and ended up at the second position. In 1976, they could not be eligible again, while in 1980, they ended up also at the second place.
So far, since their participation in international soccer competitions, Sweden has emerged as the runners-up of the FIFA Mega Event in 1958 while they finished in the third place two times which were 1950 and 1994. Then, they also finished in the fourth place in 1938.

At the UEFA European Championship cup, they got to the Semi-final stage once in 1992. Sweden at the Olympic soccer tournament got a Gold Medal once in 1948 and Bronze Medal twice in 1924 and 1952.

The highest position South Korea has ever gone to since their appearances at the FIFA World Cup is the fourth position which they took in 2002. At the continental competitions level, the national soccer team, in their participation at the AFC Asian Cup, emerged the winners two times which were in 1956 and 1960.

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More so, South Korean has also been the runners-up on four different occasions which were in 1972, 1980, 1988 and recently in 2015. Then in 1964, 2000, 2007 and 2011, they took the third place. In 2002, they got the Most Entertaining Team award.

The official supporter group of South Korea known as the Red Devils is known for their passionate support for their team. In fact, they are often referred to as the number 12th member of their team. And for the supporter group of Sweden, they were voted to be the best fans during the FIFA Mega Event of 2006. This was due to their massive number as well as their friendly attitude and the kind of love they show to the game.

If we talk about the ranking of both teams than Sweden is ranked on number 23 while South Korea is at number 61 in the list of FIFA/Coca Cola world ranking. You can watch live streaming of this FIFA world cup 2018 group “F” match. Android and IOS users can also watch Live streaming of Sweden VS South Korea matc. Prediction about this match is, the result will be in the favor of Sweden. The European team is a strong side as compare to Asian team in this match that’s why South Korea will face a though sqaud of Sweden.

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