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Watch Live Streaming of FIFA World Cup Match Russia VS Egypt

At the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup competition, the host country, Russia, would be having her second match, this time, against Egypt on Tuesday, June 19 at the St Petersburg stadium by 7 p.m. Watch live streaming of this match. Streaming is also available for Android and IOS users. If Egyptian striker Mohmed Salah joins the squad than the result of this match will be in favor of Egypt. What your prediction for this match? So stay tuned with us and watch this match live with HD streaming.

History of Russia and Egypt

The emergence of Russia in football competitions can be traced back to the nineteen century when Scottish and English workers in St Petersburg had to each form their football teams. According to history, the first international soccer match that the team would play was against England. The competition took place at the capital of Tsarist Russia, St Petersburg (Leningrad) in September 1911.

Another information gathered explained that Russian Empire national football team was the association football team that represented the Russian Empire between 1910 and 1914. Then, the first unofficial international football competition that the national football team would engage in was against the Bohemia national team in October 1910. At the competition, the Russian football team recorded a 5-4 win in St. Petersburg.

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The Egypt national football team also known as The Pharaohs is the national football team that represents Egypt in international association football competitions. The team is under the government of the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) which is the body in charge of football in Egypt. The body was established in 1921.

On the other hand, the Russia national football team represents Russia in association football around the world. The national football team is under the leadership of the Russian Football Union which is the governing body for football in Russia.

Due to the breakup that happened in the Soviet Union, Russia came to stand on her own as a country and afterward, Russia was launched on the 16th of August 1992. After the launching, the first international match that they would play was against Mexico. Although, it was said that the team consisted of the players from the former Soviet Union, but then, the game ended in a 2–0 win for Russia.

Egypt is said to be characterized with special skills and experience in soccer tournaments.

Mega Events Appearances

Since their inauguration, the Russian are recorded to have appeared at the FIFA World Cup tournaments on a total number of ten times. While since their formation in 1920, Egypt has only made a total appearance of two times at the FIFA World Cup tournaments. Their first time was in 1934 while the second appearance was in 1990.

The first time that Russian would appear at the tournament was in 1958. But after their launching in 1992, they have made a total appearance of four times at the FIFA tournaments.


At their first appearance at the FIFA mega event in 1992, Russia ended up at the 18th position. When they also competed in 2002, they ended up at the 22nd position in 2002 while they took the 24th position at the 2014 world tournament. In all, they have not been able to go past the group stage.

Apart from their qualification on two different tournaments of the FIFA World Cup, the five other attempts that Egypt made to qualify for the FIFA World Cup proved abortive. And in the two times that they qualified, while they could not go past the first round in 1930, they could not go beyond the group stage also in their 1990 involvement.

Major Accomplishments

The highest that Russia has gone in their soccer career at the international level is finishing in the 3rd position at the Semi-finals stage in 2008 during the UEFA European Championship tournament. Although the team has participated in a total number of five times, that was the highest level they have attained.

At the FIFA Confederations Cup tournament, however, since 1992 when Russia came to stay, it was only in 2017 that they qualified for the first time despite several attempts. And during the match, the highest they got was the fifth position.

Egypt, on the other hand, is unarguably said to be the most successful national team in Africa. The reason is that of the seven times record that the Pharaohs have won the Africa Cup of Nations. The first time they did was during the inaugural edition in 1957. Afterward, they equally won the cup in 1959, 1986,1998, 2006, 2008 and the 2010 edition.


Although, they have only qualified for the FIFA World Cup twice before their third qualification for the upcoming 2018 tournament. Tthe other accomplishments Egypt has recorded also include being the runners-up two times in 1962 and 2017, getting to the semi-final stage on six different occasions and the quarter-finals stage on four occasions, among others, all at the Africa Cup of Nations tournaments.

Other Honorary Titles And Awards

Russia has no titles except for finishing in the third place at the UEFA European championship in 2008. The Egyptians had other major titles and awards including the third position three times with bronze medal in 1963, 1970, 1974 at the Africa cup of nations, champions of the all-Africa games two times in 1987 and 1995 plus the third place in 1973.


Egyptians as well received the Most Successful Team award in 2010 at the Africa Cup of Nations platform, and during the Nile Basin Tournament where they also emerged as the champions in 2011. Then, at the Arabic Competitions level, the Egyptians were awarded the Most Successful Team award again in 2007 during the Pan Arabic Games where they had also become champions on four occasions with gold medals in 1953, 1965, 1992, and 2007.

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