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FIFA World Cup Watch Live Streaming Portugal VS Spain

It is not news that Portugal and Spain national football teams will yet again be meeting at this 2018 FIFA World Cup starting on 14 June 2018. Both national football teams which are in group B will have their match at the Sochi stadium by 7 p.m.

One of the things that keeps everyone on the watch out for what is yet again going to happen at this international competition is due to their previous matches. As it is not the first time that both football teams will be meeting, viewers are waiting to see whether history is going to be repeated or it will be rewritten.


According to the 12 April 2018 FIFA World ranking, while Spain national football team is ranked as the 8th best football team with 1162 points, Portugal national football team is ranked as the fourth best with 1306 points.

Prediction and Live Streaming:

Prediction about the result of this contest will come out in the shape of the draw. Both teams are strong and will give tough time to each other. Watch live streaming of FIFA World Cup group “B” most thrilling match Portugal VS Spain.

The two national football teams known to be part of the strongest football teams in the world have met at 36 different times out of which 8 of the matches were competitive. Out of all their meetings, while Spain had 18 wins, Portugal had six wins with both teams playing draw games in 12 matches.


Portugal and Spain History

The football rivalry between these two national teams is also known as the Iberian Derby which is known to be one of the oldest football rivalries that ever existed at national level and it started in 18 December 1921 when, at Madrid, both had their first ever international friendly game with Spain winning against Portugal in a 3-1 game. Then, much later, Portugal won against Spain in a 4-1 game in 1947.

The Portugal national football team began since 1921 and is under the control of the Portuguese Football Federation which is the governing body for football in Portugal. Although they were not invited during the premier edition of the World Cup tournament which took place in 1930, the national football team took part in the 1934 FIFA World Cup qualification only that they lost out in their match against their Spanish opponents.


They equally took part in FIFA World Cup qualification which held in 1938 and lost in their game against Switzerland in a neutral ground held in Milan. In a home friendly match played against England in the 1950 competition marked their game with the greatest defeat ever which resulted in a 10-0 loss.

The Spanish national football team, on the other hand, also referred to as La Roja (“The Red [One]”), La Furia Roja (“The Red Fury”), La Furia Española (“The Spanish Fury”) or simply La Furia (“The Fury”), began their international football competition with FIFA in 1904 even though their first establishment was in 1909.

The national football team is known for their wealth of experience in international competition as a result of their many appearances in the FIFA World Cup tournaments. So far, after their debut in 1920, they have participated in a total of 14 of 20 FIFA World Cups and 10 of 15 UEFA European Championships.

Spain is glamorously endorsed as one of the eight national teams to have been crowned title champions, with their defeat of Netherlands in a 1–0 win during the 2010 tournament in South Africa making them the first European team to win the title outside Europe.

Furthermore, Spain also got European titles in Euro 2008 and Euro 2012 after defeating Germany and Italy in the respective finals. Consequently, with these three successive titles, they are the only national football team so far to have had three consecutive wins of either the applicable continental championship or the World Cup. From November 2006 to June 2009, Spain is recorded to have gone undefeated for 35 matches, a record which they share with Brazil.

Recalling the matches that have existed between Portugal and Spain, on 11 March 1934, both teams had their first leg match with Spain having a 9-0 win game against Portugal, and during their second leg match on 18 March 1934, Spain still went ahead to defeat Portugal in a 2-1 win.


Also, at the 1950 FIFA Mega Event qualification, a game which held at Estadio Nuevo Chamartín, Madrid in Spain, Spain went away with a 5-1 victory at home on 2nd of April. But while they had their second leg, both sides played a draw game of 2-2, which made Spain qualify for the 1950 FIFA World Cup after defeating Portugal in a 5-1 win in their first leg.

In all the five FIFA World Cup matches where Spain and Portugal played against each other since 1934, while Spain won four of them, they played a draw game in the fifth one. At the UEFA European Championship level, the game changed so that while Portugal won two out of the three matches that both had, they played draw in the third one. Whereas, in all the 27 friendly matches that they played, while Spain won 12 matches, Portugal won 5 and they played draw in the remaining ten matches.

Out of the fourteen World Cup tournaments that Spain has appeared so far, they emerged as the trophy winner in 2010, while they took the fourth place in the 1950 tournament. Whereas they were fifth in the 1934 competition, they came 13th and 10th in the 1962 and 1966 tournaments respectively among others.


The first match of Spain in the FIFA Mega tournaments was on 27 May 1934 when they played against Brazil in a 3-1 win, and their biggest success was when they played against Bulgaria on 12 June 1998 in a 6-1 win which held at Lens in France. Their biggest defeat also came when they played against Brazil again on 13 July 1950 at Rio de Janeiro with Brazil in a 6-1 loss. However, their worst results so far during the FIFA Mega tournaments are when they could not go beyond the Group stage level in 1962, 1966, 1978, 1998 and 2014.

And then, the first ever trophy that Portugal would win was during the Euro 2016 competition when they defeated the hosts, France, in 1–0 after extra time. As a result of this, they became qualified for the first time during the FIFA Confederations Cup held in Russia, where they finished in the third place.

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