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Poland and Colombia FIFA World Cup Free Live Streaming

At the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup hosted by Russia, the national football teams of Poland and Colombia are fixed to play against each other on Sunday, June 24. Belonging to Group H, the two teams would be having their match played at the Kazan stadium by 7 pm.

FIFA World Ranking

According to the FIFA World ranking of the national football teams released as at 17 May 2018, while the Poland football team ranked 8th team, the Colombia team ranked 16th in the world.

Prediction and Live Streaming:

Both teams will create trouble for each other a very tight game is ahead, and the result will be in the shape of the tie. Watch live streaming of this contest in HD quality.

Historical Background of Poland and Colombia

The Poland national football team represents Poland in international competitions of men’s football. They are under the governance of the Polish Football Association of which the association is the body in charge of all football in Poland. The association is also called PolskiZwiązekPiłkiNożnej in the Polish language, and it was founded on 20 December 1919 at Warsaw. This became possible after the country of Poland got her independence.

On the other hand, the Colombia national football team which is also called Selección de fútbol de Colombia in the Spanish language represents the Colombians at the international level of football competitions of men’s caliber. The soccer squad is under the leadership of the Colombian Football Federation. More so, the squad is officially known as a member of the CONMEBOL.


A nickname the Colombian team is also known for is Los Cafeteros. This is as a result of the production of coffee in their country.

Appearances of the Teams in the FIFA World Cup Tournaments

The first official international match that the Poland football team would make an appearance in is dated back to 18 December 1921. The match that held in Budapest was against Hungary, and it was recorded that Poland lost the match in a 1-0 game.

Then, the first time that they would win a match was on 28 May 1922 when they played against Sweden in Stockholm. The game recorded a 2-1 win match.

The Colombia national soccer squad is especially known for their fight against the negative reputation that the country has since the mid of the 1980s. Although they have been actively involved in playing international football competitions since 1938, their first official matches were played during the 1938 Central American and Caribbean Games.


It was at this tournament that they played their first match against Mexico on 10 February of that year. But then, unfortunately, they were defeated in a 1-3 game.

However, the first professional match that they were recorded to play held on 6 April during the South American Championship that took place in 1949. But unfortunately for the team again, the game played against Paraguay ended in a 3–0 defeat.

The first time that the Poland football team would qualify for the FIFA Mega tournament was in 1937. This became possible after the team defeated the Yugoslavia team in a 4-0 game.

After this premiere appearance, it is recorded that they played a memorable match in the history of the World Cup. This was when they confronted Brazil. It became memorable because Brazil was seen as a hard-to-beat while Poland was still seen as a young, inexperienced team, and so, the Poland team was expected to be beaten, but unfortunately, the reverse became the case.

As for the Colombia team, the first time they would make an appearance at the FIFA Mega tournament was in 1962, even though they entered for the FIFA World Cup qualifiers in 1958. After the soccer squad ended up at the group stage, they never qualified again for the FIFA Mega Event until 1990 where they could not go past the round of 16.

After their first appearance at the FIFA Mega Event in 1938, it was observed that the national football squad of Poland could not partake in the world tournaments until after 36 years which was in 1974. The reason for the long pause was because they either did not qualify or withdrew before their eventual qualification in 1974. And with their appearance in the 1974 tournament, they made a brilliant performance by finishing in the third place.


Major Accomplishments

The Poland national football team jointly hosted the Euro 2012 alongside Ukraine. But unfortunately, the national football team finished at the bottom position of their group in the two games they played.
The first ever gold medal that the national team of Poland would win was during the Summer Olympics which was organized in 1972 at Munich. Then, during the Summer Olympics of 1976, they went ahead to win the silver medal in Montreal, and at Barcelona in 1992, they got a silver medal.

At the South American Championship / Copa Américatournaments that Colombia made an appearance, they won the cup once in 2001. Then, based on their first appearance in 1975 at this continental competition, they emerged as the runners-up and afterward, they have taken the third place on four different occasions which are in 1987, 1993, 1995 and 2016.

Apart from their qualification for the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament, Colombia has made a total of five appearances out of the fifteen attempts that they had made so far.

Honorary Titles and Awards

Poland apart from finishing in the third place two times at the 1974 and 1982 FIFA World Cup tournaments, they have also gotten to the quarter-finals stage of the UEFA European Championship in 2016.


The Colombia national team won the FIFA World Cup Fair Play Award once in 2014, and at the Confederations Cup, they ended at the fourth Place in 2003. Then, they have also been the runners-up of the CONCACAF Gold Cup once in 2000 while finishing at the third place in 2005.

Then, based on the Central American and Caribbean Games, while they emerged as the winners in the 1946 edition, they took the third Place in 1938.

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