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FIFA World Cup Watch Live Streaming Peru VS Denmark

It is no news that among the 32 national football teams that would be playing at the 2018 FIFA World Cup hosted by Russia, Peru and Denmark would be playing against each other on Saturday 15 June at the Mordovia Arena Stadium in Saransk by 5 pm.

The two teams that are in group C would be meeting and one the concerns is who among them would end up emerging as the winner because of their track records in football.
Since 1927 that Peru has been featuring in international soccer tournaments, Peru has been the representative of the country. The national football team is under the leadership of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF), which is known to be one of the ten members of FIFA at the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL).

On the other hand, the Denmark national football team, also referred to as Danmarksfodboldlandshold in the Danish language remains the national football team that represents Denmark in football association. The soccer team is under the government of the Danish Football Association (DBU), which is the body that governs all the football clubs that could be organized under DBU.

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Denmark and Peru in History

The Danish Football Association, also known as Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU), was founded in 1889.
Although the best seasons or most successful periods of Peru is said to be in the 1930s and the 1970s, recently, their performance in soccer competitions have been inconsistent.
Formally known as the Peruvian Football League, Peru national football team was founded in 1912, and after which, it held some annual competitions until it broke up in 1921 because of the tense disputes that occurred between the members of the clubs. Consequently, the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) got formed in 1922, so that after which, they reorganized their annual tournament in 1926.

Later on, in 1925, the Peruvian Football Federation became a part of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL). In the inaugural match of the FIFA World Cup tournament that held in 1930, the Peru national team competed only that they could not go past the first stage of the tournament.
The first time that Denmark would make their appearance at the FIFA mega event was in 1986. Although they had made several attempts since 1958 with exception to 1962 when they did not enter, but could not qualify before their eventual entry in 1986. They performed so well that they became a surprise to the world when they swept Uruguay off in a 6-1 game win. But during their second round, Denmark once again played against Spain which they lost in a 5–1 game.


Apart from finishing at the first round in the 1930 FIFA World Cup tournament, Peru national football team’s next qualification came in 1970 when they managed to get to the quarter-final stage. After that, their subsequent appearances were in 1978 and 1982 where they finished at the 8th and 20th position respectively.
Since 1982 that the Peru national football team have appeared, they never qualified again for the World Cup tournament until this 2018 when they got their qualification again after taking part in playoffs against New Zealand. In these matches, Peru won a victory with the score 2-0. This makes their first time appearing in 36 years.

Apart from their appearance in the 1986 FIFA mega event hosted by Mexico, the next appearance of Denmark was in 1998 where they played their way through to the quarterfinals. At the 1998 FIFA World Cup, on June 28, 1998, Denmark was recorded to win what is known to be the most crucial victory to them in the World Cups during the round of last 16. At that time in their match against Nigeria, they crushed them with a 4-1 win game. Consequently, this victory got them their opportunity of becoming one of the eight strongest world teams for the first time in their history.

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More so, since Denmark has been involved in competitions, they won two Olympic silver medals in 1908 and 1912 which made them be ranked as number one national soccer team in the world between April 1914 and April 1920.
So far, the honorary titles that Denmark has received include the winner of the 1992 UEFA European Championship. They also finished at the fourth place in 1964 as well as getting to the semi-final stage in 1984, all under the UEFA European Championship game. While for the FIFA Confederations Cup, they emerged as the winners in 1995. When they played at the Summer Olympics, the soccer team won a Silver three times which are in 1908, 1912 and 1960, and Bronze in 1948.
Having qualified for the FIFA World Cup finals for five times, Peru has an record that they have mad so far during their qualification for World Cup matches so that as of 2017, they have had 42 wins, 36 draws and 69 losses. The first World Cup goal also to be recorded came by Luis de Souza Ferreira, a player from Peru which began on 14 July 1930 while they were playing against Romania.


Peru has won the inaugural FIFA Fair Play Trophy which was awarded to them during the 1970 mega event. This was because they happen to be the only team that has not received a single yellow or red cards during the competition.

Peru national soccer team’s nickname is La Blanguirroja with the Head of the coach known to be Ricardo Gareca. The team’s captain is Paolo Guerrero, and their top Scorer is Paolo Guerrero.
As at 12 April 2018, based on the FIFA Coca-Cola World Ranking, while Peru as number 11, Denmark is ranked as number 12 on the list.

Peru Vs.S Denmark a very interesting clash of this FIFA world cup 2018 group “C” match. The result of this match will be in the shape of “draw”. Watch live streaming of Peru VS Denmark, streaming is also available for Android and IOS users. The live action will start at 5 pm.

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