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FIFA World Cup Contest Nigeria vs Iceland Watch Live Streaming

Nigeria and Iceland are set to play against each other at the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament. The match is expected to hold on Friday, June 22 at the Volgograd stadium by 4 pm.

FIFA World Ranking

According to the FIFA World Cup ranking report released on May 17, 2018, Nigeria ranked on 47th position; their Iceland counterpart was ranked as the 22nd best squad of the world.

Prediction and Live Streaming:

Be ready to watch a very interesting contest of Nigeria vs. Iceland group “D” match. Prediction about this clash is the tie; both sides give tough time to each other on the field. Watch free live streaming of FIFA World Cup 2018 which is also available for Android and IOS users.

History of Nigeria and Iceland

The Iceland national football team also called Íslenska karlalandsliðið í knattspyrnu in Icelandic is under the control of the Football Association of Iceland. The association which is also called Knattspyrnusamband Íslands, KSÍ, is the body that governs all football in Iceland. It is also in charge of coaching and giving referee education, license and nurturing those who have interest in sport at their local level.

Although the name seems to be unpronounceable, in Icelandic, Knattspyrna means “ball-kicking.” Immediately after their establishment on 26 March 1947, Iceland became a part of FIFA in the same year. Then in 1954, it became recognized as a member of UEFA.

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Under the leadership of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), the Nigeria national football team is also the official football team which represents Nigeria in international association football. Presently known as the Super Eagles, the image of the team is said to have undergone major evolutions in all its history.

For instance, they were formerly called the Red Devils before the nation got her independence. But after their independence, they were called the Green Eagles because of the nation’s flag and the eagle on its coat of arms.
Founded in 1912, the Icelandic Football League had their first international match played on 29 July 1930. It was then that the team played against the Faroe Islands in an away match with a 1-0 win game. Although, at that time, the two teams were not yet affiliated with FIFA.

Known for the unofficial games, they have been playing since the 1930s for other colonies; Nigeria had her first official game played in October 1949 while it was still a colony to the British government.

FIFA World Cup Appearances

The first official match that Iceland would have and recognized by FIFA took place on 17 July 1946. The match was against Denmark ended in a 3-0 defeat. But by 1947, they recorded their first international victory in a match played against Finland.


The national football team of Nigeria did not enter between 1930 when the first ever FIFA World Cup was played and 1958, in their effort to appear at the 1962 World Cup tournament, they could not qualify. After much effort, however, the team registered they’re first ever presence at the FIFA Mega Event in 1994, even though they could not go past the round of 16.

The Iceland national football team has some successes that it has recorded. This is as a result of the major achievements they recorded in the second half of the 2010s. One of which took place while they had the qualifying rounds for the World Cup of 2014. During that time, the soccer squad was able to play its way to the playoffs even though it eventually lost to Croatia.

Even though the team is young, since 1974, Iceland has been making an effort to make an appearance at the FIFA Mega Event, although they could not qualify. However, they have been able to make it through to the 2018 tournament. The same story is traceable to their effort at qualifying for their confederations cup; while they could not qualify since 1976 that they have been trying, they finally made it through in 2016. And with their qualification, they made it through to the quarter-final stage and ended up in the 8th position.

So far, the Nigeria football team have made a total number of five appearances at the FIFA Mega tournaments. And based on their qualification for the upcoming 2018 World Cup, the team would be appearing for the sixth time.


Major Achievements by the Teams

The first major success that the Nigeria national football team recorded took place in 1976 and 1978 when they won their first gold medal at the second All-Africa games. They finished at the 3rd place in both years’ African Cup of Nations.

On the part of their Iceland counterpart, it is also made known that the team, during the UEFA Euro 2016, after a home and away matches that they won over the Netherlands, they were able to make it to their first major tournament after the qualification campaign. Because of this feat, they made history as the smallest nation to ever qualify for a major tournament.

It is recorded that during the Olympic football tournament that took place in Beijing in 2008, Nigeria ended up as the runners-up after they lost to the. But then, they have a record of winning the Africa Cup of Nations on three different occasions which were in 1980, 1994 and 2013. They were able to win their last cup after they defeated Burkina Faso at the final stage.

Awards and Honorary Titles Won

Aside from them winning the African Cup of Nations three different times, the Nigeria national football team emerged as the runners-up of the same cup on four different occasions which are in 1984, 1988, 1990, and 2000. Then, they have also received other titles including the winners of the Afro-Asian Cup of Nations in 1995 and the Nelson Mandela Challenge in 2013 while emerging as the runners-up in the game of the latter in 2004.


The football team also had won the Lunar New Year Cup once in 1998, and at the All-Africa Continental Games, they received a Gold Medal once in 1973 as well as a Silver Medal in 1978.


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