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Denmark Vs France FIFA World Cup Live Streaming

At the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament, Denmark and France would be playing against each other. While the two teams are from Group C, they would be having their match played on Tuesday, June 26 at the Luzhnikistadium in Moscow by 3 pm.

Live Streaming and Prediction

Prediction about this contest is in favor of the France squad. The French side has the experienced players who have to ability to hit the net. What do you think about the final result? For the final score watch live streaming of France vs. Denmark match.

FIFA World Rankings

Based on the FIFA World ranking report of 07 June 2018, while Denmark ranked 12th, France team ranked 7th on the list.

Historical Background of Denmark and France

The France national football team got established in 1904. This was about the same time that the FIFA’s foundation held on 21 May 1904. The football team is colloquially known as Les Bleus (The Blues). This is partly because their colors are blue, white and red. They also have the coq Gauloises their symbol.


In the Danish language, the national football team of Denmark is also referred to as Danmarks fodboldlandshold. The team is the representative of Denmark in football association at the international level of the men’s group. Also, they are under the leadership of the Danish Football Association; this is the body that regulates all football clubs and other football-related activities that could be organized under DBU. The Football Association, also known as Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU), was founded in 1889.

Also called Équipe de France de football in the French language, the football team of France is the representative of the country at the international level of football activities. They are under the control of the French Football Federation. The federation is also known as FFF or simply called Fédérationfrançaise de football in French. The FFF is the body that governs football activities in the country.

Appearances at International Soccer Competitions

The first official international soccer match the French team would make an appearance in was on 1 May 1904. This was when they played against Belgium in Brussels in a 3–3 draw game. Then, on 12 February 1905, they recorded the first match that would be played on their home soil. Then, they played against Switzerland in front of 500 supporters at Parc des Princes.

The Denmark football team have been making records as far back as the 1900s. It was recorded that the first three editions that would take place at the Olympic football event were between 1900 and 1906. It was during these periods that the team got their unofficial status. It was unofficial because the event had not become such that national football teams could compete in. Consequently, there were about three to four club teams that participated in a few numbers of countries.


Even though the players that represented Denmark were majorly from Copenhagen Football Association (KBU), at the 1906 Olympics where they made an appearance in, they got their unofficial gold medal. Then, at the first official soccer competitions of the Olympics that took place in 1908 and a subsequent one that held in 1912, the team yet again won a silver medal on both occasions.

In the match that held between France and Switzerland, the French team won in a 1–0 game. But then, there was a disagreement between FIFA and the union in charge of sports in the country known as Union des SociétésFrançaises de Sports Athlétiques (USFSA). It was on 9 May 1908 that a rival of USFSA, French Interfederal Committee (CFI), ruled that FIFA should take care of the club’s appearances in subsequent Olympics Games.

Eventually, in 1919, while CFI changed their name to French Football Federation (FFF), USFSA also merged with them in 1921.

FIFA World Cups Appearances

The first time recorded that the Denmark team would make an appearance at the FIFA World Cup was in 1986. But before then, all their attempts to qualify since 1958 with exception to 1962 was futile.

In their entry, their first match was against Scotland where they won the game in a 1-0 match. Then, amazingly, the team performed so well that they became a surprise to the world when they swept off a one-time FIFA World Cup winners, Uruguay team, in a 6-1 game win.

France has a record of being one of the four major European teams that participated during the inaugural FIFA World Cup that held in 1930. Although they were always eliminated in the qualification stage at six different times, the honor remains that the team is one of only three teams that have entered every World Cup cycle.


So far, the French team has made a total of 15 appearances at the FIFA World Cup tournaments including their appearance in the upcoming 2018 World Cup tournament which they have already qualified for. But for the Denmark team, together with the qualification for the 2018 tournament, they are making a total of five appearances.

Major Accomplishments and Honorary Titles

The first time that the France national football team would emerge as the winners of the FIFA World Cup was in 1998. Then, at the continental level, they won Euro 2000 cup. Because of these accomplishments, they the first team in Europe to claim both world and continental titles in two years.

As a result of them defeating their Nigeria opponent with a 4-1 win game during the 1998 FIFA World Cup, Denmark got their opportunity to be referred to as one of the eight strongest world soccer teams for the first time in their history. This happened on June 28, in the round of last 16.


The France national soccer squad, alongside with Germany, Argentina and Brazil are one of the only national teams that have won the three most important men’s titles that are recognized by FIFA. The titles are the World Cup, the Confederations Cup, and the Olympic tournament. Then they have two awards to their credit which are FIFA team of the year 2000, and the Laureus World Team of the Year 2001.

On the other hand, the soccer squad of Denmark has emerged winners of the 1992 UEFA European Championship and the FIFA Confederations Cup in 1995. Then, they received the Summer Olympics Silver three times which are in 1908, 1912 and 1960, and Bronze in 1948.

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