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Online Free Live Streaming of Australia VS Peru FIFA World Cup Match

In the 2018 FIFA World Cup starting in a few days’ time, the national soccer teams of Australia and Peru would be playing against each other. The match between the two teams from Group C holding on Tuesday, June 26 is set to take place at the Sochi stadium by 3 pm.

FIFA World Ranking

According to the FIFA World ranking of the national soccer teams released on 15 May 2018, while the Peruvian team ranked as 11th, the Australian team ranked 36th on the list.

Live Streaming and Prediction

Prediction about this contest is in favor of the Australia squad. Peru may create the problem for Australia. What do you think about the final result? For the final score watch live streaming of Australia vs. Peru match. Live streaming is also available for Android and IOS.

Historical Backgrounds of Australia and Peru National Soccer Teams

The Australian national soccer team is the representative of Australia in international men’s soccer competitions. The soccer team, officially nicknamed as the Socceroos, is under the leadership of the Football Federation Australia (FFA) which is the governing body for soccer in Australia.


The Peru national football team was formally known as the Peruvian Football League. After it was founded in 1912, it is said to have held some annual competitions until the football team eventually broke up in 1921. This was because of the tense disputes that occurred among the members of the clubs. After this major breakup, the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) was formed in 1922. And after the formation, in 1926, the soccer team began to reorganize her annual tournament which it used to be known with.

The national football team of Australia is a member of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) as well as the regional ASEAN Football Federation (AFF). This was after they left the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) way back in 2006.
It was gathered they left Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) after they had discussions with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to join them. This single decision led to the breakup of about 40 years association that FFA had with the AFC.

On the other hand, since 1927 that Peru has been featuring in international football tournaments, the Peru national football team has been the representative of the country. They are under the leadership of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF), which is known to be one of the ten members of FIFA at the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL).


Later on, in 1925, the Peruvian Football Federation became a part of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL).

Appearances in International Soccer Competitions

The first time that the Australian team would make an appearance at the FIFA Mega Event was in 1974. But then, initially, while they did not participate between 1930 and 1962, they made attempts to qualify for the World Cup tournament in 1966 and 1970. This was after they lost in their play-off matches against North Korea and Israel respectively.

Even though the team qualified for the 1974 edition of the World Cup hosted by West Germany, yet they could not go beyond the first round. This was after they finished last without scoring a single goal in their group.

The appearance of the Peruvian team is dated back to when the inaugural match of the FIFA Mega Event was played in 1930. The only thing about them also was that they could not go past the first stage of the tournament.

Then, apart from their elimination at the first round in the 1930 FIFA Mega tournament, the national soccer team’s next qualification came in 1970 when they managed to get to the quarter-final stage. The next seasons that the Peru national soccer team would again make appearances at the FIFA World Cup were in 1978 and 1982 where they finished at the 8th and 20th position respectively.

After their qualification for the 1974 World Cup, unfortunately for the Australian football team, which became the only time, they would appear at the FIFA World Cup tournaments. Every other attempt made than proved abortive as they kept losing out in all their play-offs. After all these attempts, the national soccer team eventually made it in 2006. This made it 32 years of non-appearance at the FIFA Mega Event.


Since 1982 that the Peru national team have appeared, they never qualified again for the World Cup tournament until this 2018. This was after they took part in playoffs against New Zealand. In these matches, Peru won a victory with the score 2-0. This makes their first time appearing in 36 years.

Major Accomplishments and Honorary Titles

So far, Peru has won the Copa Américachampionship cup two times and have also qualified for FIFA Mega Event finals five times. Then, they also have a record that they have made so far during their qualification for World Cup matches so that as of 2017, they have had 42 wins, 36 draws and 69 losses.

The Australian soccer squad, on the other hand, have won the Oceanian Football champions award on four different occasions which are in 1980, 1996, 2000, and 2004. Then, they emerged as the runners-up of the continental tournaments also in 1998 and 2002. And apart from these, the soccer squad equally bagged the Asian championship in 2015 and the runners-up in 2011.


It is recorded that the first goal ever to be recorded at the FIFA Mega tournament came from Luis de Souza Ferreira, a player from Peru. This happened on 14 July 1930 while they were playing against their Romania opponent.

Apart from this, the team has won the inaugural FIFA Fair Play Trophy which was awarded them during the 1970 World Cup. This was because they happen to be the only team that has not received a single yellow or red cards during the competition.

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